Course Syllabus

Common Compulsory Subjects

Theoretical Foundations of Information Science

Syllabus: Contemporary epistemological condition. Interdisciplinary epistemology. Scientific field and object of study of Information Science. Information properties and attributes. Laws, theories, models and methods applied to information.


Methods and Techniques of Research in Applied Social Sciences

SyllabusScientific knowledge and research approaches in Applied Social Sciences. Induction and deduction. Type of research, according to objectives, sources and procedures. Delimitation of problems, hypotheses and objectives. Procedures and instruments for collecting, systematizing and analyzing data. Research in Information Science.


Mandatory Subject to Research Line 1

Production, Mediation and Information Management

SyllabusSocial context of information. Dynamic relationships between information, knowledge, innovation and value. Sources and resources of information and innovation. Theories, methodologies, models and strategies adopted in the production, mediation and management of information.


Mandatory Subject to Research Line 2

Information, Communication and Technological Processes

SyllabusSocial context of technology. Dynamic relationships between information, communication and technology. Technological and innovative sources and resources. Theories, methodologies, models and strategies adopted in the studies of information, communication and innovation in the technological context.


Elective Subjects

Analysis and Visualization of Data, Information and Knowledge